Ambrosia Restaurant & Lounge

Ambrosia By Chef Bongo
At the Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

Ambrosia Restaurant and Lounge features vegetarian and meat-centric farmhouse fare, ocean wise seafood and drinks prepared with local and globally sourced unusual ingredients; everything we serve is healthy, nutrient rich and of the highest quality.

Enjoy amazing local produce and meats from local farms, local and international herbs and spices, fresh seafood from BC waters paired with a carefully selected local wine list, BC craft beers and bespoke cocktails. Explore food and drink menus pushing the limits of craftsmanship that is sure to delight and satisfy. Ambrosia by Chef Bongo is committed to honest and genuine use of wholesome seasonal ingredients, classical, modern and cultural culinary execution and a welcoming knowledgeable hospitality team.

Ambrosia Lounge

Located on the lower floor, this West Coast meets Prohibition Era lounge serves up Chef’s signature fusion tapas. Ambrosia Lounge’s new look is warm, classic and inviting. It is a great place for friends and colleagues to gather for food, drink and laughter. Partake in bespoke cocktails, uniquely appointed wine list and collection of BC craft beers.

Open  11:30am to 10pm

Ambrosia BBQ Patio

Partake in Chef Bongo’s BBQ patio with his signature marinades and rubs and accompanying salads and sides. 

  • Lunch BBQ is  $21.95 -11:30am-4:00pm
  • Dinner BBQ is $26.95 -6:00pm-8:00Pm

  • Flatbreads, charcuterie and cheese plates are available as lunch items alongside the BBQ

Come feast on the Food and Drink of the gods, and make love to life!

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Ambrosia  Dessert Happy Hour
(from 8pm- until closing)