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This is no fruitcake – this is stollen, fruitcake’s bready, marzipan-stuffed, sugar-dusted German cousin. Our stollen is based on the classic Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver recipe, with local apricots replacing raisins for a unique Naramatian twist.
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Let’s be honest: no one ever says fruitcake is their favourite holiday treat. But this is stollen—fruitcake’s bready, marzipan-stuffed, sugar-dusted German cousin. Our stollen comes from Swedish royalty via the now-closed Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, and is produced by our friend Mark Burton at his new Best Kind Bakeshop using the original recipe.

Pastry Chef Gerhard Weitzel was passed the recipe by a friend of his who had previously worked for the King of Sweden. He started making the traditional Christmas bread himself at the Four Seasons back in 1991, producing up to 900 loaves per year, even after he had officially retired. With hotel closing the recipe was passed to Mark, along with some of the original wooden frames used for baking.

Each 80-loaf batch calls for 6.6 pounds of butter for the marzipan centre alone and another 10 pounds of butter for the dough, along with 12 pounds of golden raisins, two bottles of rum, and the zest of 25 oranges and 25 lemons.
NOTE: This item is only available for local pick-up


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