Cherries it’s your time to shine! Thanks to the record breaking heat wave, cherries in the Okanagan Valley are ready now and our farmers need our support. Visit farmers markets, road-side stands and CSA’s across the country.


What grows together, goes together is one of the most fun things about living, and sourcing great ingredients, in Naramata, shares Chef Ned Bell.  We’ve got a great recipe to share that elevates and preserve the juicy, bite-sized, stone fruit.


This recipe offers a true taste of Naramata, thanks to the combination of neighbouring ingredients. Seek out equivalents in your home town that will offer their own taste of place.

Lapin Cherry + Red Wine Jam


  • 2 lbs pitted fresh cherries
  • ½ cup local honey 
  • 2 cups Van Westen ‘Vulture’ red wine (Cab Franc)
  • 1 tbsp Vancouver Island sea salt
  • 1 tsp cracked black pepper
  • 3 tbsp premium balsamic vinegar, like Venturi-Schulze 



  • In a medium size pot, simmer the red wine with the pitted cherries until they burst
  • Add honey,  salt and pepper
  • Simmer for 30 minutes
  • Add Venturi-Schultz balsamic vinegar
  • Set aside and let cool


Can be served with duck, wild BC salmon, cheese plates or ice cream


Medley Organics Red Beet Purée

  • 1 lb red beets, skin on, and washed
  • 2 litres water, plus 1 cup hot water for pureeing
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 3 tbsp organic canola oil


  • In a medium size pot, simmer the beets covered in water until tender,

approximately 35 minutes

  • Let beets cool, peel them, and chop into 1 inch pieces
  • Reserve a few beets for final dish
  • In a Vita Prep blender, puree the remaining beets, adding just enough fresh, hot water for a smooth, but not runny, puree.  The goal is to create a thick and smooth consistency
  • Season with salt and organic canola oil


Duck Breast:

  • 1 Pekin duck breast from Fraser Valley Farms
  • Salt & cracked black pepper



  • Preheat a cast iron, or heavy duty stainless steel, pan
  • Pan sear the duck, skin-side down for 5 to 6 minutes in a 400 degree oven
  • Baste with butter and fresh thyme
  • Let the duck breast rest for about 5 minutes to retain juices before slicing


Assemble + Serve:

  • Select a pretty, pale dish
  • Channel your inner plate artist and have fun creating a beautiful meal
  • Start with the beet puree, add beets, top with sliced duck
  • Spoon, spread, smear, dot or dollop the Lapin Cherry + Red Wine Jam on the plate 
  • Enjoy
  • Visit www.naramatainn.com to book your visit this fall 😉