It all starts
with a dream.


Who are we? We are Ned Bell, Kate Colley, Maria Wiesner and Paul Hollands of the Naramata Hospitality Partnership formed through the unique combination of like-mindedness around food, hospitality, lifestyle, values, and dreams. The right opportunity to make a difference in the world has come together in Naramata Inn.

The Okanagan’s communities, food scene and unparalleled beauty has been a touchstone at various points in all four partners’ lives and the draw to return culminates with this dream project.

Meet our team.

Kate Colley

Maria Wiesner

Paul Hollands

Ned Bell

Minette Lotz

Stacy Johnston

Emily Walker

Jennifer Carter

Leigh Holuboff

Dave Levesque

Reza Houshmand

Olivia Grant

Join the flock.

CURRENT OPPORTUNITY: We are collaborating with a search consultant, Janet David, to find and hire a great person for the role of Assistant General Manager, Restaurant – a critical role to help the Naramata Inn grow in the years ahead.

Please click on the link below to learn more. If you are interested in exploring further, please contact Janet at Thank you.

Assistant General Manager, Restaurant 

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES: We’re always ready to bring exceptional people onto our teams at the reimagined Naramata Inn. Please apply here if interested. If anything comes up, we’ll be in touch.

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