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The Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa welcomes the inquisitive mind and well rounded spirit who seeks to enjoy creative expression in all its forms.

Located on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, Naramata is just outside the city of Penticton and is home to orchards and many world-class wineries.

Once a destination of the great CPR Paddle wheelers that plied the waters of Lake Okanagan, Naramata’s earthy solitude still exists and is cherished by the people that call it home. Explore the wineries, restaurants and special events during our Spring and Fall Wine Festivals. Enjoy a wide range of Wine Tours, Music, Theatre, Art and International sports and cultural shows throughout the year.

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Bella sparkling 4320 gulch road, naramata v0h 1n0 778-996-1829 Sat & sun: 12pm – 5pm   bench 1775 winery 175 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t8 250-490-4965 Daily: 11am – 6pm   black widow winery 1630 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t7 250-487-4965 Thurs-mon 12-4   d’angelo estate winery 979 lochore road, penticton v2a 8v1 250-493-1364 Daily: 10am – 6pm   daydreamer wines 1493 todd road, penticton v2a 8t6 778-514-0026 By appointment only   deep roots winery 884 tillar road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-460-2390 Daily (except mon): 11am – 5.30pm   elephant island fruit winery 2730 aikens loop, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-552 Daily: 11am – 4pm   foxtrot vineyards 2333 gammon road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-5082 By appointment only   hillside winery and bistro 1350 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t6 250-493-6274 888-923-9463 Daily: 11am – 5pm   howling bluff estate wines 1086 three mile road, penticton v2a 8t7 250-490-3640 888-216-9051 May-october 11am – 5pm daily   joiefarm winery 2825 naramata road, penticton v0h 1n0 250-496-0073 866-422-5643 Fri-sun: 10am – 5pm  after may 17 – daily 10am – 5pm)   kettle valley winery 2988 hayman road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-5898 Daily: 11am – 5pm   la frenz winery 1525 randolph rd, penticton v2a 8t5 250-492-6690 Daily 10am – 5pm   lake breeze vineyards 930 sammet road, naramata v2a 8t5 250-496-5659 Open daily 10.30pm-5.30pm   lang vineyards 2493 gammon road, naramata v0h 1n0 778-514-5598 Daily 10am-5.30pm   laughing stock vineyards 1548 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t7 250-493-8466 By appointment only   lock and worth winery 1060 poplar grove road, penticton v2a 8t6 250-492-4575 Daily: 11am – 5pm   marichel vineyard 1016 littlejohn road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-4133 Daily 11am – 5pm   misconduct wine co 375 upper bench road, penticton v2a 8t2 800-851-0903 Daily 11am – 6pm   mocojo winery 1202 gawne road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-4063 Daily 11am – 5pm   monster vineyards 1010 tupper avenue, penticton v2a 8t6 250-493-9463 Daily 10am-6pm   moriane estate winery 1865 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t8 250-460-1836 Daily 11am – 6pm.     nichol vineyard 1285 smethurst road, naramata v0h 1r0 250-496-5962 Daily 11am – 5pm     perseus winery 134 lower bench road 250-490-8829 Daily: 10am – 5pm from june 1st daily: 10am-7pm   poplar grove winery 425 middle bench road north, penticton v2a 1a8 250-493-9463 Daily: 10am – 5pm   quidni estate winery 1465 naramata road, penticton v2a 8x2 250-490-5251 Mon – thurs: 1pm – 6pm fri-sun: 11am – 6pm   red rooster winery 891 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t5 250-492-2424 Daily 11am – 5pm   ruby blues winery 917 naramata road, penticton v2a 8t5 250-276-5311 Daily 11am – 5pm   serendipity wines 990 debeck road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-5299 Daily: 10am – 6pm   terravista vineyards 1853 sutherland road, penticton v2a 8t8 778-476-6011 Daily: 11am – 5pm   therapy vineyards 940 lower debeck road, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-5217 Daily: 10am – 5pm   tightrope winery 1050 fleet road, penticton v2a 8t7 778-476-7673 Mon – fri: 12pm – 4pm   township 7 vineyard 1450 mcmillan avenue, penticton v2a 8t4 250-770-1743 Daily: 11am – 5pm   upper bench winery & creamery 170 upper bench road south, penticton v2a 8t1 250-770-1733 Daily: 10am – 5pm   van westen vineyards 2800a aikins loop, naramata v0h 1n0 250-496-0067 Fri, sat, sun 11am-5pm Parks & Beaches sun n’ sup Address: 176 robinson avenue, naramata, v1h 1n0 Phone: (778) 514-5594 Email: sunnsup@gmail.com Website: view website Take a paddle boarding adventure, a lesson or simply rent a board for a leisurely paddle in the Okanagan Lake.  Kvr trail Tunnels Naramata pub & grill Naramata center Manitou park Wharf park Mill bay Labyrinth