Here & Now

The Inn’s new owners have dedicated themselves to reviving its standing as a hub for culture and recreation. But this time with WiFi. Now, after a few thoughtful renovations, Naramata Inn and its 12 exclusive period-style rooms are ready to provide visitors with a new standard of R&R&R. The third “R” is for that Restaurant you keep hearing about.

Looking for delicious experiences and unforgettable wine-country adventures? Just head in any direction. The Inn is poised between Lake Okanagan, the very hikable Kettle Valley Railway trails, fruit orchards, vineyards, and a wealth of award-winning wineries. And guests can also stay put and let us enchant them at our hyper-local restaurant and bar.

From produce to proteins, the Restaurant delivers an unrivaled “Naramatian” experience. Our menus are built around the best local growers and artisans in the Valley, and our wine selections showcase a breadth of award-winning British Columbian wines. And the views? Get outta here.

Getting Here

Naramata Inn feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But it’s actually only 15 minutes from our “big sister” city of Penticton—and a scenic drive from Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton. So queue up your favourite playlist and let’s get going.

By car


Know Before You Go

When you stay in a small town, you basically become one of us—so we’ll be candid. We want to provide you with an unforgettable visit. Here are a few important things to know about staying at a 112-year-old heritage inn.
Authentic Heritage Building = Authentic Heritage Experience
In 1908, hotel rooms didn’t usually have closets—they preferred to reserve that square footage for luxurious clawfoot bathtubs. So leave your largest luggage at home. Also, noise tends to carry in the Inn. The walls are 112 years old. Give them a break!
Kids and pets policy
Remember that heritage wall situation? To make sure all our guests can have the stay of their dreams, adults with children can only be accommodated in our two-bedroom suite. No pets are allowed at this time. Not because we don’t like them. It’s because we’ll want to keep them.
Wine storage
On the scenic 13 km (8 mile) drive from Lower Bench Road to our front door, Naramata Inn guests will pass more than three dozen top-tier wineries. And you don’t want to leave that good wine in your car or room. Please allow us to safely store your purchases in our locked, climate controlled wine cellar. We insist. No, really.
The climate
June is typically the rainiest month in Naramata, but there still isn’t very much precipitation. We do occasionally get thundershowers, however. So be prepared for that bit of excitement. In July and August, temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees. Sunscreen, lots of water, and big floppy hats are all good allies to have on hand. Come September and October, temperatures reach the mid-twenties before dropping into the teens at night. The weather may vary, but rest assured—whenever you visit, Naramata will be beautiful.
The Inn is a completely nonsmoking facility. Talk to our Guest Services team for other ways to relax.
Naramata view of hills and lake

The Region

A place so pretty, we got a bit jealous.

Naramata is located on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, just outside the city of Penticton. The area is known for its picturesque orchards, vineyards, clay bluffs, and lakeshore. Light on rainfall and long on sunshine, Naramata is both visually stunning and emotionally stirring. People say the place has soul. People like us.

A century ago, Naramata became a cultural hub thanks to J.M. and Eliza Robinson’s sophisticated tastes, legendary parties, and proclivity for the supernatural. Nope, not a typo. Back then, people from across the Okanagan traveled by boat to enjoy concerts, plays, operas, regattas, and quite a few séances.

Nowadays, the locale is home to a dynamic, vibrant population. While Naramata’s famous orchards are celebrated for their luscious stone fruit, the town’s reputation as one of Canada’s top wine producers grows stronger year over year. For that we are especially grateful.


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