The Globe & Mail featured Naramata Inn in their article about Canada’s wine regions thriving in the off-season.

“Bell has created an inn restaurant featuring two- and three-course prix fixe menu and a hyper-local approach to cuisine, a mix of classic French cooking techniques and exclusively Naramata ingredients. “We don’t use any lemons, lime, mango, coconut, or even olive oil,” he says. “To get citrus flavours, for example, we forage sumac, which has a sour flavour that mimics citrus.”

Take a seat at the inn’s newly opened wine bar and let the sommelier lead you through tastings of fine local wines, then retire for the night at one of the property’s 12 elegant, Mission-style rooms. As Bell notes: “When you come here for a few days, you’re going to have wonderful meals, forget about life for a while and immerse yourself in the magic of this special place.”

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Michele Sponagle, Globe and Mail, November 22, 2021