Spot prawn season kicked off on May 14, with the annual Spot Prawn Festival happening virtually again this year on May 29th. Chefs Ned Bell and Stacy Johnston from Naramata Inn join in with other great B.C. chefs who will lead participants through cooking the spot prawns through video assistance of pre-recorded cooking tutorials, Then at 7 p.m., guests dig in with the virtual company of all the  participating chefs who will speak on everything spot prawns – from the species, cooking and where to buy.

The event is hosted by Lien Yeung of CBC Vancouver. Spot prawns are available at Vancouver’s Fisherman’s Wharf, as well as other seafood sources throughout the province. Tickets are $25 and available through Eventbrite.

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Vancouver Sun | Mia Stainsby | May 12, 2021