Serves: 1 serving 



  • 1 oz. Sheringham Distillery’s Kazuki Gin
  • 1 oz. Esquimalt Wine Company’s Rosso Vermouth 
  • 0.50 oz. The Woods Spirit Co. Amaro
  • 0.50 oz. Arbutus Distillery’s Amaro #4



  • Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, fill with ice, and stir
  • Strain over a large ice cube in an old fashioned or rocks glass
  • Garnish with a thinly sliced apple


Serving Suggestion(s):

  • Serve in an old fashioned or rocks glass with a large ice cube and a freshly sliced apple.


This is a bang on take on a classic Negroni, made with an all BC distilled line up of spirits. The gin: Sheringham Distillery’s Kazuki Gin, a Naramata Inn favourite amongst guests and staff. It is a floral and dynamic gin with notes of green tea. The vermouth: Esquimalt Wine Company’s Rosso Vermouth is meticulously crafted from 32 botanicals, Wildflower Traditional Mead with the 2013 Schonburger from Venturi-Schulze Vineyards, in the Cowichan Valley, and spirit from Stillhead Distillery in Duncan. And lastly the amaro(s)-to replace the traditional use of Campari-: The Woods Spirit Co. Amaro from North Vancouver and Arbutus Distillery’s Amaro #4 from Nanaimo. Both of these takes on the classic Italian digestif, Amaro, bring the supreme bitterness, bold flavours, and the backbone to this cocktail.