• 1 oz Arbutus Distillery Blue Gin
• 0.5 oz Arbutus Lavender Liquor
• 0.75 oz Cane Sugar Syrup
• 0.5 oz Grape Acid (see note)
• Lunessence Riesling Brut
• Garnish: Flower from the garden


Add first four ingredients to a shaker. Add 1 scoop of ice and quick shake for 3-4 seconds. Double strain into champagne flute and top slowly with Lunessence Riesling Brut. Stir from bottom gently to incorporate and garnish with flowers from the garden.

NOTE: Grape acid is a 10/.75 solution using tartaric and malic acid powders (the two acids found in grapes). Per 1000g of water = 37.5g of each malic/tartaric acid powder. (Can be ordered online)

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