Naramata Inn to Operate in Full Compliance for Guest and Staff Wellbeing

Starting Monday, September 13, the Province of British Columbia will require proof of vaccination to access certain higher risk social and recreational events and businesses to help protect people from COVID-19. Naramata Inn falls into this category and we are pleased to follow government regulations and support community efforts to bid COVID-19 farewell.


Who Does it Apply To? Guests Aged 12 to 120

  • Every person entering Naramata Inn to dine whether it be indoors or outdoors as of Monday September 13.


How Does it Work? Just Like Boarding an Airplane – Minus the Jetlag

This proof of vaccination requirement is rolling out in stages. Guests are required to show their BC Vaccine Card and Photo Identification at every stage.

  • Stage 1 – Monday, September 13

Access provided to all guests who have received their first COVID-19 vaccination – and a reservation of course!

  • Stage 2 – Sunday, October 24

Access to all guests who have received both COVID-19 vaccinations.


What Do I Need to Do to Enjoy Ned Bell’s New Fall Menus at Naramata Inn?

  1. Make a reservation.

  2. Get vaccinated.

  3. Get your BC Vaccine Card online. Visit this site and follow all the directions.

  4. Keep a copy of the BC Vaccine Card on your smartphone. Print out a picture if you’re more analog.

  5. Have it ready to view upon arrival.

  6. Bring photo ID and have it ready to view upon arrival.


What Do I Need to Do Upon Arrival?

  1. Don’t eat too much before you arrive. Come hungry!

  2. Please be patient and kind with our staff. Deep breaths everyone.

  3. Have your photo ID  (you’re off the hook 12 to 18 year olds) and your BC Vaccine Card ready to show our staff.  We will be looking at both.

  4. BC Vaccine Cards can be shown to our team on your smartphone, or you can print out a picture. Smartphones can hold multiple BC Vaccine Cards. You already know this, moms.

Can I Use My Vaccination Record Instead? 

  1. Only until Sunday, September 26

  2. The official QR code is all the rage this fall and that’s what we need to see.


I’m Not From BC?  What Do I Do?

First of all, thanks for coming to dine with us!

Proof of vaccination and photo identification applies to everyone 12+ regardless of where you are from.

Other Provinces:

  1. Use your province’s proof of vaccination from your province in place of the BC Vaccine Card.

  2. We will have access to details on what each province is doing to keep up with you.

Other Countries:

  1.  Use your ArriveCan proof of vaccination.

  2. Bring your Passport


I Don’t Like This  

That’s fair. You’re allowed not to like it. You’re allowed not to like Brussels sprouts, wearing a seatbelt, doing your homework and a million other things. BUT, this proof of vaccination requirement is mandatory, made by the Government of British Columbia to keep people safe, to put COVID-19 and its disastrous effects to an end, and we are here for it.

Asking for proof of vaccination is not optional for us. 

Please be kind, it’s been a pretty crazy 18 months, friends and we’re excited to have you join us.


Click here for more information from the BC Government on the Vaccine Card

Click here to make a reservation for lunch, dinner or here for an overnight stay.